PhD defences 2022

Differentiated Implementation of HIV Treat All in Zimbabwe

Makurumidze, R., Lynen, L., Decroo, T., Van Damme, W. & Rusakaniko, S.

1/03/18 → 19/12/22

Project: PhD-project

Implementation of the fee exemption for caesarean section policy (FECSP) in non-state health facilities in Benin: Does it work (or not)? Why (not)? How to improve it?

Dossou, J. P., Marchal, B., Van Belle, S., Van Damme, W. & Adisso, S.

1/06/15 → 13/12/22

Project: PhD-project

Resistance in gonorrhoea

Van Dijck, C., Kenyon, C. & Malhotra-Kumar, S.

3/07/19 → 13/12/22

Project: PhD-project

Improving the diagnostic work-up of neurological disorders in rural Central Africa

Mukendi Mulumba, D., Bottieau, E., Cras, P. & Lutumba, P.

24/06/16 → 12/12/22

Project: PhD-project

Molecular Characterization of Mycobacterial Isolates Causing Tuberculosis in Humans and Animals in Northwest Ethiopia

Kitata, M. E., de Jong, B., Diro, E., Rigouts, L., Torrea, G. & Gehre, F.

1/02/16 → 16/06/22

Project: PhD-project

Assessing the antibody responses against arboviruses circulating in Peru – from basic immunology to new diagnostics

Falconi Agapito, F., Ariën, K., Ariën, K., Dujardin, J. & Talledo, M.

1/04/18 → 2/06/22

Project: PhD-project

Taenia spp. cysticercosis in pigs in Northern Vietnam

Nguyen, T. T. M., Dorny, P., Dermauw, V., Dorny, P. & Nguyen , T. G. T.

1/03/18 → 2/06/22

Project: PhD-project

Humanitarianism as a Form of Government: Interactions in Aid, Meaning-Making, and Well-being for Helpers of Refugees in Greece and Germany, a Multi-sited, Transdisciplinary Ethnography

Witcher, A. L., Peeters, K., Gerrets, R., Kalir, B., Krause, K. & Fumadó Perez, V.

11/04/19 → 1/06/22

Project: PhD-project

Le système de surveillance des décès maternels au Maroc

Abouchadi, S., De Brouwere, V., Zhang, W., Nejjari, C. & Zhang, W.

1/04/14 → 11/05/22

Project: PhD-project

Characterization of Chikungunya virus-host protein complexes involved in viral attachment and entry

De Caluwe, L., Ariën, K., Bartholomeeusen, K. & Van Ostade, X.

4/10/16 → 1/04/22

Project: PhD-project

The immunomodulatory role of prednisone in TB-HIV co-infected patients and assessment of its impact on clinical and TB treatment outcomes

Stek, C., Lynen, L. & Meintjes, G.

30/04/15 → 23/03/22

Project: PhD-project

Improving the performance of health care delivery systems to provide quality care for persons with chronic diseases at the primary level of healthcare in rural Karnataka, India

Lall, D., Criel, B. & Devadasan, N.

1/08/15 → 9/03/22

Project: PhD-project

Implementing clinical bacteriology in low resource settings: reviving the old, bringing in the new

Ombelet, S., Jacobs, J., Cox, J. & Jacobs, J.

12/01/17 → 4/02/22

Project: PhD-project